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Ultra Pure Paints - In-Ice Paints 
High Quality Natural Ingredients
One-Step Mixing Process
Enhanced Brightening Agents
Advanced Anti-Setting Formula
Made In The U.S.A
Full HD Digital color
Air Guard "Lay Flat" Technology
Easy In-Ice Installation
Completely Reusable
Lowest Price Guaranteed
Environmentally Friendly
Used Recreationally & Professionally Official Paint of
Frozen Fenway 2012

UltraPure Premium Ice Paints

UltraPure Ice Paints is a product scientifically formulated by Rink Specialists to be the brightest, whitest, and easiest paint to use on the ice.  Our paint is a one step making process with very easy clean up, giving you more time to paint and less time to waste.


UltraPure is an American Made Product that contains no hazardous chemicals, making it the most environmentally safe ice paint in the world!

We have tested UltraPure in every condition imaginable.  From low to high humidity, warm or cold surface temperatures, indoor to outdoor rinks, results were perfect every time.  With the lowest cost on the market, its time for your rink to make the UltraPure Change!

Order today and let UltraPure brighten up your rink!