New! RS-Ultra Pure White was developed to once again meet the demands of the ever-changing ice painting craft. Designed to minimize the differences in appearance between the traditional white base coat products & the popularity of “Inlay” ice logos. RS-Ultra Pure White is formulated to achieve the best uniformity on concrete and sand based ice surfaces and provides the brightest finish against any other competitor’s products. By perfectly matching the appropriate compounds and particle sizes we were able to create a product that mixes more efficiently, resulting in a dramatically more user-friendly product. RS-Ultra Pure White even resulted in a much more environmentally friendly product when it comes to cleanup and disposal. Brighter, Cheaper and easier to use, best describes New RS-Ultra Pure White, Premium Base Coats.


New! As professional ice painters ourselves we recognized the need for a better colored paint that provides a much more uniform application, less mess and certainly NO SETTLING! No longer is mixing colored paint a problem. All of our colored paints are constantly being mixed and packaged upon order to ensure no batch is ever a problem upon receipt. RS-Ultra Pure Colored paint comes packaged in a larger bucket to prevent spills and allows for easier mixing and carrying. Easier cleanup and environmentally friendly, these colored paints will make your next paint job go much smoother. Uniformity, user-friendly and economical best describes Ultra Pure white coating product line, Premium Colored Ice Paints. Available in all PMS colors.


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